BNP uncover (another) Jewish conspiracy

Protocols: with depiction of “Evil Jew” The world has always been full of conspiracy theory. It’s what used to get “witches” burnt at the stake. It’s also what can lead to genocide. The Nazis were very taken with a book called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a notorious Antisemetic work about a ‘worldwide … Continue reading

Stand up to Griffin and his Nazi thugs

Vile … BNP leader Griffin   BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin was chased out of Scotland last week by locals in Dalkeith protesting against the ‘Da Vinci Rapist’.   It’s easy enough to criticise those who repeatedly turn out to stop the far-right in Scotland, but what would happen if they didn’t? If we could turn … Continue reading

The Death Of The BNP

Far right movements have existed since the early days of democracy, with political and non-political groups alike, based on two overarching, and vaguely fascist, beliefs. These are, of course, that national identity and national pride were defining features of an advanced race. With every perceived ‘growth’ in immigration and, all too often, each time society … Continue reading

History of the National Front (Documentary)

A BBC2 programme looking into the history of the extreme right, National Front, once Britain’s most popular extreme right wing party. Contributors to the programme include John Tyndall, Nick Griffin, Martin Webster and other extreme right wing figures.

No unity so far for anti-Griffin right

AFTER ALL THE HYPE AND PROMISES, the annual booze-up in memory of one of Britain’s most infamous postwar, jackbooted nazi leaders was a distinct disappointment. John Tyndall, who died in July 2005, founded the British National Party and led it until Nick Griffin became chairman in 1999. Even the fact that the event was an … Continue reading

Review. New British Fascism: The Rise of the British National Party (BNP) (Extremism and Democracy). By Matthew Goodwin. Review by Patrick Hayes.

Editorial. This review contains a premise which militant anti-fascists will profoundly disagree with; namely that, because the BNP is small and ineffective, and does not currently represent a serious political threat, it is foolish to afford them the oxygen of publicity. We can only retort that Hitler’s Nazi party was small and ineffective once, and that was … Continue reading

Holocaust denier launches bid for BNP leadership

 With a large number of its activists either in hiding or on some kind of police bail, one of the party’s founding members has decided that he has had enough of Nick Griffin’s leadership and has indicated that he will stand for party leader later in the year.This is another distraction that the BNP’s leadership … Continue reading