Police protect the fash in Brizzle

Bristol Antifascists would like to thank everyone who came yesterday and made sure the EDL got the welcome they deserved. As a local shop keeper said: “Silly bastards!” There was a wide range of tactics shown; we made sure they were hounded all day and that they were driven out of town. Numbers of EDL … Continue reading

Bristol 14th July: **LIVE UPDATES**

A blog post updated live with information and pictures as they are received. If you have any info for us, please submit it via the comments section on this page, and we will add it asap. 23.48 – ****CLOSED**** 23.00 – Great atmosphere at the #stopedl arrestee #solidarity demo at trinity police station. Come down if your in the area … Continue reading

Police clamp down on counter demos in Bristol

The police have today used their powers under the Public Order Act to prevent a counter demonstration to the presence of the right-wing and anti-Islamic EDL from going ahead in Bristol City Centre tomorrow (Saturday). Organisers of the rally, which had significant trade union backing, have been issued with legal notices enforcing restrictions on the … Continue reading