The BNP and the neo-Nazis

The BNP claims it isn’t racist – this is a lie. The BNP claims it has no links with violent neo-Nazis – this is a lie. The BNP claims to be a ‘normal’ political party – this is a lie. What ‘normal’ political party would associate itself with Nazi sympathisers and violent right-wing paramilitary groups? … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP Campaign in Disarray

Last week’s revelation that Karen Otty, Liverpool BNP’s secretary, and candidate for Anfield in the coming council elections, attended English Defence League demonstrations in defiance of Nick Griffin’s orders, has got local fascists rattled. (See both our own coverage and Vote No To The BNP.) The information came from Otty’s own Facebook page (which vanished … Continue reading

Fascists in profile: Karen Otty

As we approach the council and parliamentary elections on 6th May, a fair few up-and-coming fascists will receive exposure by standing in elections. Who are they and what, if anything, distinguishes them from the far-right’s old guard? Liverpool Antifascists takes a look. First up is Anfield candidate Karen Otty. Full name: Karen Gillian Otty DOB: … Continue reading

BNP candidates in Liverpool down by a third

The BNP today revealed it would be standing only eight candidates in the local elections in Liverpool on May 6th. This is eight too many, but it is one third less than the twelve it put up in 2008 and represents the effects of a determined anti-fascist campaign against them and of the internal divisions … Continue reading

Circus becomes farce in the Peter Tierney trial

Today, the jurors in BNP “super-activist” Peter Tierney’s trial for assault were discharged and it was announced that the trial would recommence with a new judge and jury on June 14th. The reason given for this was the emergence, yesterday, of an “undisclosed matter” which could prejudice the hearing of the case. It would now … Continue reading