The English Democrats welcome ‘ex’ BNP members into the fold

The English Democrats, a far-right party previously best known for their farcical mayoralty of Doncaster, have been steadily accepting into their organisation “former” members of the BNP. Hope not Hate has uncovered evidence that suggests that the two parties are not so separate as they claim: Chris Beverley, the former Yorkshire BNP organiser and councillor … Continue reading

We expose vile racist biker as British leader of the Ku Klux Klan

  The European meeting: Hopgood poses with other hooded members for German race-hate website HE tried to hide his identity behind the hideous hood of the Ku Klux Klan – but his tell-tale tattoos are visible for all to see. This is Chris Hopgood, vile racist leader of a British wing of the white supremacists. … Continue reading

BNP establishes ‘social networking’ branch in America

The British National Party has set up a branch in the United States – nine years after it abandoned a fundraising drive across the Atlantic amid controversy over its links with American white supremacists. The far-right party described its new US “unit” as simply a social networking organisation designed to help expatriate BNP supporters stay … Continue reading