Thank you

Liverpool Antifascists would like to extend its thanks to everyone who donated to our campaign fund in the run up to Thursday’s elections. We would also like to express our gratitude to everybody who has been out delivering leaflets in the past week and a half. We focused our energies on working class estates in … Continue reading

Antifascist leafleting in Croxteth

Members of Liverpool Antifascists have been out delivering leaflets in response to Peter Tierney’s candidacy for the BNP in the upcoming Croxteth by-election. Today saw the final run of leaflets delivered, in the biting wind and rain, after two weekends of activity. The leaflets not only told residents the truth about Tierney’s conviction – in … Continue reading

Continuing to spread the antifascist message in Fazakerley

After considerable success last week, Liverpool Antifascists once again went out to spread the antifascist message in Fazakerley. There are roughly 6,000 houses in the ward and so, with about a third of them covered last week, many more needed leaflets delivered to them. Once again, we had a good turnout for the event, including … Continue reading

Antifascist leafleting in Halewood

On Saturday, members of Liverpool Antifascists delivered leaflets in Halewood. Our aim, during the present by-election campaign, was to warn people of the deceit inherent in the BNP’s “working class” rhetoric. (Click on the image of the leaflet below to open the PDF version or right-click and choose “save as” to download it.) Despite extremely … Continue reading