Support our fight against the far-right

The British National Party have promised to mount a “massive” campaign for the coming local elections on 5th May. They will be looking to capitalise upon the anger and alienation caused by the economic crisis and the government’s cuts in order to lead people up the blind alley of nationalism. Liverpool Antifascists, as ever, are … Continue reading

Postal workers: don’t deliver fascist garbage!

The BNP in Liverpool and Merseyside are only a small outfit, and will only have the resources to concentrate on a few key areas out of all the places where they are standing. But General Election rules mean that the fascists can co-opt taxpayer money and working class man power to spread their hate. With … Continue reading

BNP leaflets will go undelivered

The extremist British National Party face the prospect of seeing their election leaflets go undelivered, the postal workers leader has warned. Billy Hayes, who leads the Communication Workers Union, sent a reminder that his members are fully entitled to refuse to handle any BNP material. Hayes told OBV: “The union’s position is we negotiated a … Continue reading