Jailed EDL rioter Steven Cooke ‘lied to court about being hero soldier to get sentence cut’

Ministry of Defence say they have no record of Steven Cooke serving in army – after his jail term is cut due to his service to his country West Midlands Police picture of EDL convicted EDL rioter Steven Cooke An EDL rioter who had his jail sentence slashed after claiming he was an Afghanistan war … Continue reading

£5,000 reward for information on arson attack that destroyed The Somalian Islamic Bravanese Welfare Association in Muswell Hill

The scene following the blaze at the Somalian Islamic Bravanese Welfare Association in Muswell Hill Police are offering a £5,000 reward for information on an arson attack that destroyed an Islamic community centre two years ago. The Somalian Islamic Bravanese Welfare Association in Coppetts Road, Muswell Hill, was burnt to the ground on June 5, … Continue reading

War veterans to hold counter protest in Dudley when Britain First comes to town

War veterans have announced they are planning to hold a counter demonstration in Dudley next month on the same day far right group Britain First comes to town. The proposed mosque The group, which acts under the name ‘I’m a UK veteran and not a racist, and proud of it’, says it has been angered … Continue reading

Welsh far-right group under fire for recruiting children

The South Wales British Movement have been taking youngsters on away days to the beach and beauty spots as part of their Young Dragons wing Image taken from Internet Facebook group South Wales British Movement A “poisonous” far-right group operating in the South Wales Valleys has come under fire after setting up a wing to … Continue reading

MoD condemns ‘immoral’ BNP for exploiting brutal murder of Lee Rigby in campaign video

The brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby is being exploited by the British National Party in a bid to win support ahead of next month’s European elections, The Independent can reveal. A BNP campaign video which plays on the death of the young soldier has been condemned as “immoral” by the Ministry of Defence and … Continue reading

Met officer ‘broke leg of protester at rally against BNP’

Teacher Amy Jowett suffered a broken leg Police are calling for witnesses to come forward as they investigate claims that a Met officer broke a teacher’s leg during a rally against the British National Party in Parliament Square. English tutor Amy Jowett alleges that an officer kicked her three times below the knee with such … Continue reading

‘EDL-Supporting Soldiers’ Investigated By The Ministry Of Defence

Army investigates EDL soldiers   The Army is investigating soldiers for possible links to the English Defence League, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed. Campaigners say extreme groups have “proactively targeted” the military, with reports of soldiers posing online with EDL material. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request from The Huffington Post … Continue reading

Anti-fascist protester claims police broke her leg at rally

    Amy Jowett   Scotland Yard is investigating claims that a female teacher sustained “life-changing injuries” after being struck by a police officer during an anti-fascist demonstration opposing the British National Party, The Independent has learnt. Amy Jowett, an English language tutor from east London, alleges that an officer policing a Unite Against Fascism … Continue reading

Racist terror won’t split us

Marching to stop the racists and fascists in 2010 (Pic: Geoff Dexter) A nail bomb exploded outside the Kanz-ul-Iman Muslim Welfare Association Central Jamia Mosque in Tipton, West Midlands, on Friday of last week. It left jagged shrapnel strewn across the site. The blast occurred just an hour after the funeral of Lee Rigby, the … Continue reading

Far-right group accused of threatening young reporter

A trainee reporter has been told not to go to her newspaper’s offices for her own safety after being threatened by far-right protesters. Sarah Marshall, a trainee at the Doncaster Free Press, has been falsely accused of ripping up flowers laid at the Sheffield cenotaph in honour of Lee Rigby at an EDL rally in … Continue reading