EDL linked to 1/3 online anti-Muslim abuse incidents last year

 English Defence League is to blame for a third of online anti-Muslim abuses.   Britain’s far-right fascist group English Defence League (EDL) are “linked to a third” of online anti-Muslim abuse incidents, a study has found.   Research by the Centre for Fascist Studies at Teesside University revealed that there were 584 recorded incidents of … Continue reading

Man cautioned following bomb security alert at Liverpool mosque

Abandoned suitcase sparked security alert and controlled explosions on Sunday night  Mohamed Mansur and Rahma Sani outside the Mosque A Danish man who was arrested by police after a suitcase was left at Liverpool’s main mosque has been cautioned and released. Two controlled explosions were carried out after the suspect package – feared to be … Continue reading

Far-right archive opened at University of Northampton

The archive features a range of publications such as Bulldog and Blood & Honour An archive of a collection of UK far-right pamphlets and magazines has been opened in Northamptonshire. It has been loaned by the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight and includes publications by the National Front. The university said it will provide resources for historical … Continue reading

Woolwich: Geller And Spencer In EDL Rally Ban; Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are banned from entering the UK to join an EDL rally in Woolwich, where Lee Rigby was killed.

The Home Office has banned Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the UK Two US anti-Muslim activists who hoped to join an EDL march in Woolwich have been banned from entering the UK, the Home Office has confirmed. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who set up Stop Islamization of America and run the website Jihad … Continue reading

Non-Violent? Attempted Mosque Arsonist Turns out to Be EDL Activist

The EDL’s claims to be a non-violent group have been dealt another blow after it emerged that a man convicted for attempting to burn down a mosque was a member and activist. John Parkin was intercepted by police as he attempted to set alight to Rhyl mosque three days after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby. His latest conviction comes … Continue reading

EDL Invites US Anti-Muslim ‘Hate Bloggers’ Pam Geller and Robert Spencer to Speak at Woolwich Rally

  The American anti-Islam activist Pam Geller was behind a New York subway advertising campaign which branded Muslims ‘savages’.  Equality campaigners have called on Home Secretary Theresa May to prevent two extreme anti-Islamic activists from entering Britain, after they were invited to speak at a rally for the far-right English Defence League in London later … Continue reading

The best way to fight the EDL’s anti-Muslim bigotry is by showing solidarity on the streets

This racist group has been treated with a certain amount of indulgence by Britain’s mainstream media. We need to drown them out      It’s been a good month for the English Defence League. Before the renewed wave of anti-Muslim bile after the horrendous murder of Lee Rigby, the EDL seemed to be staring into … Continue reading

Norbury EDL supporter Tony Perrin jailed after admitting Facebook threat to bomb and massacre Muslims

Tony Perrin posted this picture of himself the day after the incident in Woolwich A boxer who threatened to make a bomb and massacre Muslims on Facebook following the killing of a soldier in Woolwich has been jailed for four months. Tony Perrin was arrested close to his home in Norbury on Saturday, May 25, … Continue reading

Woolwich murder: we must use reason to beat terrorists; To deny the Woolwich attackers any shred of rationality is to come perilously close to excusing them

Flowers adorn the site where the soldier Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich Why did the Woolwich killing happen? Less than a week on, the debate has swiftly moved on to the issue of “preventative measures”, with Theresa May proposing new internet controls and the banning of groups preaching hate. Yet anyone who dares to use … Continue reading

If Cameron really wants to tackle extremism…he can start with the EDL

David Cameron is launching a new terror task force to crack down on extremism in the wake of the tragic murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. The Cabinet-level group, which will also bring in intelligence and police chiefs when needed, will focus on radical preachers who target potential recruits. It will be called the Tackling Extremism … Continue reading