The far right, homosexuality, and paedophilia

By “Malatesta” Whilst trawling the far right websites is by turns scary, hilarious and stupefying, it rarely fails to be unpredictable. As we all know the BNP and other Nazi grupuscules are fairly candid about their rampant homophobia but they often come a cropper when they realise that ‘iron hoofs’ are in fact part of … Continue reading

Fascists in Profile: are Merseyside BNP ashamed of Andrew Tierney?

Today, Merseyside BNP report that they have had “BNP campaigning teams all over Merseyside.” Clearly, somebody has noticed that they’ve been positively neglecting potential voters locally, and forced them into overdrive. They’re also getting rattled by Liverpool Antifascists’ determination to expose them for what they are. Without the funding of any political party, or the … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP show themselves up at the Crown Court

Today officially saw the beginning of Merseyside BNP “super-activist” Peter Tierney’s trial for assault. Though little happened in the courtroom, the space outside was alive with protests both for and against the fascist thuggery of the BNP. This marked Merseyside BNP’s first attempt at a formal protest since November 2008, and the event was nothing short … Continue reading

Benefit Gig Triumph

Liverpool Anti-Fascists kicked off their fundraising for 2010 with a hugely successful benefit gig in the city centre last Saturday. The venue was packed out, three great local bands played, £600 was raised for the cause and large numbers of new activists were recruited. Liverpool Anti-Fascists would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi skinheads on Bold Street

On Saturday 16th January, Liverpool Antifascists held a benefit gig at the Liverpool Social Centre on Bold Street. The event was a resounding success, filling the venue to capacity and raising an estimated £500 for the anti-fascist cause. A full report on the event will follow soon. However, due to the nature of the event, … Continue reading