The “anti-fascist” EDL?

The following can only be either a statement of extreme irony or a total and utter lack of self-awareness; The English Defence League: the Leading Force Against Far Right Extremism in the UK This headline comes from an article on the EDL’s website, following on from leader Tommy Robinson’s appearance on Newsnight. But if that … Continue reading

Dissecting the English Defence League’s “mission statement”

On Sunday, the English Defence League published a “mission statement” on its website, purporting to answer the questions: “what is the EDL all about, what does it want to achieve, how will it achieve those things?” However, perhaps the best thing you can say about it is that it is overly grandiose. More critically, it … Continue reading

TUC’s Alec McFadden has police protection after threats

The following story comes from the Liverpool Echo, photos have been added by Liverpool Antifascists. A LEADING trade union activist was under police protection after far-right extremists posted threats against his life on a website.Alec McFadden, a prominent member of the TUC and anti-fascist campaigner, said he feared a second attack after being nearly blinded … Continue reading

BNP factionalism in Liverpool: the paranoia and lies set in

As the BNP leadership contest between Eddy Butler and Nick Griffin hots up, factionalism amongst the fascists continues to be rife. Nowhere more so than in Liverpool. Two weeks ago, we reported on the local branch’s purge of Butler’s supporters from its ranks, and the violent debacle that ensued. Since then, the Griffinite loyalists have … Continue reading

BNP’s “national lottery exposed” story is another pointless, hate-stirring lie

The BNP today put an article on their website with this headline; National Lottery Exposed as Vicious Anti-Black Racists As anybody with any knowledge of the BNP will be aware, this was their attempt at irony. “In reality,” as they point out for the terminally stupid, “all of the above organisations do exist and have … Continue reading

Desperate BNP resort to obvious lies

It would appear that the efforts of Liverpool Antifascists are getting to Merseyside BNP. On their blog, once again, their organiser Peter Squire has seen fit to spew out utter nonsense about our leafletting campaign; News is coming in to me that the fascist UAF were chased out of Anfield today by outraged residents. Apparently … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP rattled by Liverpool Antifascists leaflet

Over the past few weeks, Liverpool Antifascists have put in considerable effort leafletting and campaigning in Fazakerley ahead of tomorrow’s By-Election. It has seemed an uphill struggle, given the considerable man-hours the BNP were putting into their campaign and the utter disregard for the ward from the other parties. However, our message was never in … Continue reading