Three Arrests outside BNP Court Case in Liverpool

This morning, the BNP National Treasurer and Griffin ‘yes man’ Clive Jefferson, was at Liverpool Magistrates Court on charges relating to his arrest outside the Crown Court earlier in the month. The BNP had called for a national mobilisation to support Jefferson, yet unfortunately the active BNP membership is disappearing as fast as party funding. … Continue reading

Threat of anti-fascist demonstration stops mayoral debate

Liverpool University has cancelled the Mayoral Debate scheduled for Thursday 19 April due to demonstrations called by anti-fascists. Liverpool Antifascists – followed by Unite Against Fascism – called the demonstrations in opposition to the platform given to candidates from the National Front, British National Party and English Democrats. We stand opposed to fascists as a … Continue reading

Guild Refuses To Hold Mayoral Debates

Update: Liverpool University has confirmed the new venue for the debate as the Sherrington Building on Ashton Street. Liverpool Antifascists’ demonstration has moved accordingly. Map here. It has emerged that the Liverpool Guild of Students has refused to host the Liverpool Mayoral Debate on Thursday 19 April. This is because three of the candidates are fascists … Continue reading