Tense anti-racist march underscores the task ahead for Liverpool’s anti-fascists

Yesterday saw the annual James Larkin Society march and rally in Liverpool, under the banner of “Working Class Unity Against Racism and Fascism.” The theme was chosen in defiance of rising far-right activity in the city, most notably a mobilisation in February where 200 fascists, loyalists and ex-soldiers were able to turn an Irish Republican … Continue reading

BNP activist Andrew Tierney found guilty of assaulting anti-fascist

Just over a year after Liverpool BNP’s number one Viking look-a-like Peter Tierney assaulted an anti-fascist with a camera tripod, was convicted for ABH and forced to don a fetching orange jacket for 150hrs community service – his unhinged brother Andrew has been electronically tagged for three months following a similar attack on anti-fascists in … Continue reading

Some More On the BNP and Paedophilia

Well, that Labour 25 site is a rare eye opener! Whether it is indeed another BNP front, as Phil Dickens opines, is open to question, and we may note that Nick Griffin was quick to deny same. However, given Griffin’s record of denying everything from climate change to the holocaust to the Ku Klux Klan, we can … Continue reading

Andrew Tierney: the BNP’s Ku Klux Klan candidate?

It has emerged that a video on YouTube, of a man giving Nazi salutes and dancing to a famous racist marching song whilst wearing the white hood of the Ku Klux Klan, may be a candidate for the British National Party in May’s local elections. Standing in St Gabriel’s Ward in Knowsley as Andrew Brennus, … Continue reading

On Liverpool BNP’s response to last Saturday’s events

The Liverpool branch of the BNP have taken their time offering a write-up of their being run out of town on Saturday. They have obviously taken their time putting just the right spin on events to serve their purposes … and still come up with semi-coherent garbage. The new Liverpool BNP blog is far better … Continue reading

More on Liverpool BNP factionalism

Liverpool BNP’s implosion, which saw the dissident faction purged from the ranks in a bar-room brawl, continues apace. Since we last saw them – giving out leaflets to nobody at all first thing in the morning – the “Real BNP” (like the Real IRA, only funnier and far less scary) have set up the “Merseyside … Continue reading

The far right, homosexuality, and paedophilia

By “Malatesta” Whilst trawling the far right websites is by turns scary, hilarious and stupefying, it rarely fails to be unpredictable. As we all know the BNP and other Nazi grupuscules are fairly candid about their rampant homophobia but they often come a cropper when they realise that ‘iron hoofs’ are in fact part of … Continue reading

The implosion of Liverpool BNP

The guilty verdict against Peter Tierney should be no surprise to those who have been following the case for a long time. The antifascist counter-accused by Tierney ended up with just a fine for breaching section 5 of the Public Order Act – essentially, swearing in public. Charges of assault and criminal damage were thrown … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP Campaign in Disarray

Last week’s revelation that Karen Otty, Liverpool BNP’s secretary, and candidate for Anfield in the coming council elections, attended English Defence League demonstrations in defiance of Nick Griffin’s orders, has got local fascists rattled. (See both our own coverage and Vote No To The BNP.) The information came from Otty’s own Facebook page (which vanished … Continue reading