Local elections confirm the BNP’s downward spiral

The British National Party failed to win a single seat on either Liverpool or Knowsley Councils, in both cases securing less that 1% of the vote. This tops a spectacularly bad year for the party, following from the implosion, splits and recriminations wrought by failure at last year’s general elections. In the wards where the … Continue reading

A cancelled Liverpool military parade and how the BNP plucks offence to Muslims out of thin air

The BNP has published a story on its website which makes the claim “Liverpool Military Parade Cancelled because It Was Not Diverse Enough or It “Offended Muslims”.” This tenuous story illustrates the lengths to which the far-right will go to concoct lies. The original version of this story appears in the Liverpool Echo. There, the … Continue reading

“When bigots attack, we fight back!”

After Liverpool City Council forced an anti-homophobia march to stick to the back streets, an angry group set off on an alternative, unapproved, route through the heart of Liverpool’s shopping centre. “WHEN BIGOTS ATTACK, WE FIGHT BACK!!” There was a second anti-homophobia march yesterday, which happened without the permission of the council and (surprise!) went … Continue reading