The Infidels Uncover An IRA Plot to Hijack The Jubilee

Imagine being so stupid that you believe that any protests or street parties organised against the Jubilee by the ‘Republic’ group, are  a front for the IRA. Advertisements

Applause for rep who faced down fascists

A trade union and anti-fascist activist who was targeted by the far-right got an ovation the PCS conference today. PCS rep Phil Dickens (pictured) faced physical abuse on a picket line and then a personal attack on a social network from the fascist North West Infidels over the May 10 strike. He got unanimous support … Continue reading

Anti-fascist coordinating meeting report

Today, Liverpool Antifascists hosted a meeting at the Liverpool Guild of Students to discuss building an effective resistance to fascism both in the immediate term and beyond. Following the events of 18 February, it was organised as an opportunity to regroup and to make sure that the same mistakes were not repeated in the future. About 45 people … Continue reading