Britain First launch retaliation attack in defence of Nigel Farage

Britain First: “If you overstep the mark you will find us on your doorstep.” Far right extremists Britain First last night launched a retaliation attack on campaigners who recently confronted Nigel Farage at his local pub. Shouting “left-wing scum, off our streets” the Britain First activists tried to force their way into a meeting being … Continue reading

Tommy Robinson: EDL Leader Held At March Far-right group leader Tommy Robinson is among 14 people arrested at a protest march in London.

  Police contain marchers in London   English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been arrested on a controversial march that was prevented from going through the centre of one of Britain’s biggest Muslim communities. A tweet on the EDL website stated: “Tommy’s been arrested for incitement.” A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “A 30-year-old man … Continue reading

Rod Liddle has Shit-for-Brains

Charlotte Gore explains the difference between “political incorrectness” and “incorrectness.” Right, being the one-man think tank that he is, Rod Liddle has decided to troll the internet with a nasty piece of insinuation about the ‘human filth’ that is young afro-Caribbean men living in London. Behold and tremble as Brain-trust speaks: The overwhelming majority of street … Continue reading