Judge condemns Britain First leaders

Birtain First demo in Luton  A High Court judge has condemned the actions of the leaders of Britain First despite allowing them to march in Luton. The decision of Mr Justice Knowles, who rejected a bid by Beds Police to stop the group’s leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen entering Luton on June 27 has … Continue reading

Tommy Robinson takes a beating

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was attacked in Luton. Photos have emerged of his face after the beating, showing his face covered in cuts, lumps and bruises. However, there is some doubt over who the perpetrators of the attack were. The Gates of Vienna blog carries a report that blames “Pakistani youths;” He was out … Continue reading

EDL members gather outside Town Hall before extremism talks

 A LARGE police presence is in place at Luton Town Hall as Luton Borough Council prepares to welcome a delegation of MPs from across Europe for anti-extremism talks.  East of England MEP Richard Howitt says a bid by the English Defence League (EDL) to hijack the meeting will not derail the discussions. Members of the … Continue reading

EDL racists march and rally in Luton

Members of Liverpool Antifascists were among the militant anti-fascist presence in Luton on Saturday. The following two reports come from the Alliance for Workers Liberty website. With the aid of an overwhelming police operation and in the absence of any effective counter-mobilisation, the anti-Muslim racists of the English Defence League marched and rallied through Luton. … Continue reading

Mobilise against the EDL in Luton, 5 February

Statement from the Stop Racism and Fascism Network As the racists turn their fire on anti-cuts struggles MOBILISE AGAINST THE EDL IN LUTON, 5 FEBRUARY The EDL is a racist, anti-migrant, anti-Muslim organisation – but not just that. For all its ludicrous claims to represent the “white working class”, it never misses an opportunity to … Continue reading