Only 40 boneheads attend EDL rally in Redditch

DESPITE some early unrest and a number of arrests the EDL march passed off largely peacefully. Around 40 EDL supporters gathered for an assembly at the bandstand and about 200 counter demonstrators gathered in Easemore Road. By the time the assemblies had dispersed there had been only three arrests – one for a breach of … Continue reading

Bristol Calling 14/07/12

On the 14th July the EDL are proving their stupidity by attempting to march through Bristol. Bristol Anti-Fascists are hard at work organising a community response – here are some leaflets and stickers to view, print off, and distribute… have fun!! (drop us a mail if you can’t use the ones here and we can arrange to … Continue reading

Brighton: Fash, bang, wallop

Reposted from SchNEWS Quote of the day – “Well who thought it was a good idea to organise these two demonstrations on the same day? Surely it was obvious there would be problems” – random Brighton theatre-goer/by-stander Yesterday’s counter-protest against the March for Englandexceeded all expectations. Although the fascists did march they did so inside a … Continue reading

The repercussions of a ban on the EDL

Recently, I made the case yet again against using the state to fight fascism. One key point in this was that by calling on the state to stop a protest taking place because those marching are fascists you set a precedent for them to do so when those marching aren’t fascists. Thus, the only thing … Continue reading

Putting the EDL into perspective

Via some local comrades, Liverpool Antifascists have discovered this video of the EDL’s recent “march” through Liverpool: On the same day, as we’ve already mentioned, 4,000 trade unionists marched to the Lib Dem conference protesting against the cuts. There was music, a broad cross-section of workers’ organisations, lots of flags and banners … and they … Continue reading