Racism probe after NF mob abuse girl, 7, at Liverpool club

The venue, the Cricketers in Wavertree, was at the centre of a row over far-right extremists in 2011 Shed at Wavertree Cricketers club given as an address for BNP Liverpool Mayoral candidate Mike Whitby Police are investigating  allegations that a  seven-year-old girl suffered  racist abuse at the hands of  far-right extremists at a  Liverpool club … Continue reading

Former BNP candidate for mayor of Liverpool guilty of racially abusing traffic warden in Wirral

A FORMER British National Party candidate for mayor of Liverpool was found guilty of racially abusing a traffic warden in Wirral. Michael Whitby, 60, refused to take part in the hearing at Wirral Magistrates’ Court but was tried in his absence. He was accused of verbally abusing civil enforcement officer Henry Ibe in November last … Continue reading

BNP’s Liverpool mayor candidate Mike Whitby arrested on suspicion of electoral fraud following ECHO investigation

Mike Whitby THE BNP’s Liverpool mayor candidate Mike Whitby was arrested at his North Wales home on suspicion of electoral fraud – following an ECHO investigation. Police broke down Mike Whitby’s front door in North Wales yesterday, after he refused to cooperate for six hours. He was questioned at a police station in Wrexham on … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP mayoral candidate Mike Whitby rents pigeon shed in city to be eligible to stand

THE British National Party candidate for Liverpool mayor Mike Whitby is only eligible to stand in the election because he rents a redundant pigeon shed in the city. Mike Whitby, who claims to put “local people first”, is also standing for a seat on Wrexham council on May 3. As Mr Whitby lives in North … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP collapses after National Front defection

It was interesting to see, as the candidates in the Liverpool Mayoral Elections were announced, that there would be three fascist candidates standing. Liverpool organiser Mike Whitby is the British National Party candidate and ex-BNP man Paul Rimmer is standing for the English Democrats. But the surprise candidate is Peter Tierney…for the National Front. Tierney has, … Continue reading

The British Constitution Group in Birkenhead

According to an anti-fascist comrade over the water, the gathering was “a strange collection.” On Monday afternoon, several hundred people assembled outside a court in Birkenhead and attempted to arrest a judge. The protest occurred under the banner of the “British Constitution Group.” But who are they? My comrade told me that “most of the … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP harrass Asian shop-keepers in Huyon

On Saturday, the Liverpool branch of the British National Party were out in Huyton. However, they were not doing a stall, a paper sale, or election leafletting. Instead, they spent hours outside an Asian business in a barely disguised case of racial harrasment and intimidation. See the video here. According to their blog, the group’s … Continue reading

Spontaneous opposition sees the BNP flee Liverpool City Centre once more

Today, the British National Party once again set up their stall in Liverpool City Centre. As on previous occasions, local anti-fascists and members of the public gathered to oppose their fascist politics and see them off the streets of Liverpool. Today’s events were nowhere near as dramatic as the last such encounter, when after a … Continue reading

Fascist BNP run out of town by the people of Liverpool

Yesterday (2nd October), members of the British National Party who tried to hold a stall to promote their fascist agenda in Liverpool City Centre were met with angry protests by local people and quite literally ran out of town. Two weeks ago, when the BNP tried to hold a stall in the City Centre, they … Continue reading

Disorder and violence as Liverpool BNP purges dissidents

It’s been a long week for the BNP in Liverpool. On Monday, after Peter Tierney was sentenced to 100 hours community service and twenty Liverpool and Salford BNP activists made a show of themselves in support of him, it seems that they went out on the lash. Or at least Gary Lucas did – reports … Continue reading