Walthamstow: death knell for the EDL?

Brighton hinted at it, Bristol seemed to continue the pattern but today’s misguided outing to the London borough of Walthamstow showed the extent to which the English Defence League is now in a steep downward spiral. This was intended to be a re-run of Tower Hamlets – a mission into darkest Muslamic country to liberate … Continue reading

Why all left-libertarian groups should sign up to the Anti-Fascist Network – by Mal Content

The Anti-Fascist Network has extended an invitation to all anarchist, radical, left and class struggle groups; this has led some to debate whether to join the A.F.N. collectively or leave it to the individual. Some have argued that it will divert time, energy and resources away from the main purpose of their local or branch; and others … Continue reading

Anti-Fascist Network formed

A national network of militant anti-fascists has been formed. An Introduction to AFN: An Anti-Fascist Network is being built by independent and grassroots groups seeking to working together against the rise of fascism in our communities. Over the last year alone, the English Defence League (EDL) have held as many as 20 marches or static protests and … Continue reading

A poor show for the NWI in Bolton

Today, the North West Infidels went to Bolton. There was a month of hype and build up, especially after the events in Liverpool on February 18, and in the past week threats and tough talk were bandied about on the internet. But ultimately, the demo fell flat on its face. Having been first with the … Continue reading

Beyond the BNP?

At the start of this month, Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate / Searchlight wrote an essay titled Beyond the BNP, The future of HOPE not hate1. In it, he talks about how the group’s “targets and vision have expanded” in the wake of “some fantastic successes” against the far-right. It reads as a stark revision … Continue reading

Militant anti-fascism and the Occupy movement

A brief overview of the ideas behind militant anti-fascism, and why physically confronting the far-right is necessary. Aimed at people who’ve been taken in by the idea of pacifism as an absolute, but specifically the Occupy movement and those camping at Occupy Liverpool. On the very first night that Occupy Liverpool set up camp, at … Continue reading

EDL racists march and rally in Luton

Members of Liverpool Antifascists were among the militant anti-fascist presence in Luton on Saturday. The following two reports come from the Alliance for Workers Liberty website. With the aid of an overwhelming police operation and in the absence of any effective counter-mobilisation, the anti-Muslim racists of the English Defence League marched and rallied through Luton. … Continue reading