Hungary experiences nationalism renaissance

Nationalism is on the rise in Hungary. The works of a far-right poet are to be taught in schools, while his remains are to be buried in his hometown in neighboring Romania – against the will of the Romanian government. Jozsef Nyiro was born in 1889 in Szekler Land, a Romanian region of Transylvania, which … Continue reading

The English Defence League is not a human rights organisation

The English Defence League are still trying to push the “we’re a human rights organisation” line. They’re now even going so far as to threaten action through the Press Complaints Commission against any media outlet that refers to them as “far-right.” So great is their delusion. They make their point thus; Should any media now … Continue reading

BNP declares media bias as people pay attention to real issues

What I’m about to write probably classes as “feeding the trolls.” The BNP, after all, is a dying organisation and I’ve dissected its insane ramblings countless times before. However, their absurd take on yesterday’s events provide a novel angle from which to discuss media propaganda. I’m referring to the recent article on their website, where … Continue reading

In opposition to Islamists and nationalists marching on Wootton Bassett

Last October Anjem Choudary’s Islam4UK, front group for banned Al-Muhajiroun, tried to organise a procession through London to Trafalgar Square calling for the implementation of Sharia law in the UK. The day after it was announced, I made the following plea both on Indymedia; The march commences at the House of Commons, and will make … Continue reading