Nazis, football, and the shadow of Kiev’s ‘Death Match’

The Ukrainian capital Kiev hosts the final of Euro 2012, cementing an association with football that goes well beyond its famous teams Dynamo and Lokomotiv to one of the most talked-about matches in history. The Start stadium is a crumbling arena not far from the city centre. The letters START are mounted on a stone … Continue reading

Extreme-Right Politicians Expelled for Neo-Nazi T-shirts

There are reports that eight extreme-right politicians on Wednesday were expelled from the Saxony, Germany, state parliament for wearing neo-Nazi T-shirts. The lawmakers, from the controversial National Democratic Party (NDP), were forcibly removed by police after refusing to leave on their own. The speaker of the assembly in Saxony, in formerly communist eastern Germany where … Continue reading

History Proves Fascist Terror Must Be Fought

The ugly killing of Trayvon Martin, the campaign of anti-immigrant terror in Arizona, the racist killing spree in Tulsa, Okla., and the recent barrage of public appearances by the Ku Klux Klan have left many progressive people wondering what should be done. It is clear that some kind of action must be taken against this … Continue reading

Film Clips Of The Anti-Fascist Demonstration in Hamburg 2/6/2012

Nazi propaganda website starts operation in Iran

A pro-Nazi association now operates a Persian-language website inIran, promoting anti-Semitism and memorializing Adolf Hitler, apparently with the approval of the Iranian government and its censors. The site,, features videos of Nazi leaders and pictures of Hitler, and praises the Third Reich for nearly conquering the Western world. It also includes a public forum whose members routinely discuss … Continue reading

Nazi parents lose custody of kids named Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation

A self-proclaimed Nazi father and his wife cannot have back their four children, three of whom have Nazi-inspired names, a court has ruled. Adolf Hitler Campbell, six, and his younger sisters Joycelynn Aryan Nation, five, and Honszlynn Hinler, four, were taken into custody in January 2009. State officials also took another son, Hons Campbell, from … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi votes fan memory of Greece’s Holocaust

Athens: Isaac Mizan, a Greek Jew, remembers seeing the flames of the furnaces. It was 1944, and the Nazis were burning bodies in the Auschwitz death camp. The 16-year-old boy had been deported by train from his home town of Arta in western Greece, along with his parents and three sisters. Of those five, he … Continue reading

Mein Kampf Back in Print in Germany After 67 Years

Autobiography of Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, will again be available to students after the last copy printed 67 years ago in Germany. German authorities have announced that the copyrights of Bavaria to the book Mein Kampf istuiču for three years, so it will be available to students across the country.Bavaria became the heir of Hitler’s … Continue reading

David Irving: Profile

David Irving was once treated with great respect for his historical tomes on World War II and Nazi Germany. But since the 1980s, he has cultivated a reputation as the world’s most prominent Holocaust denier, a status he cemented by suing Penguin Books and American scholar Deborah Lipstadt for libel in 2000 after Lipstadt wrote … Continue reading

Anti-Nazi hacktivists vow to continue cyberwar

German hackers have pledged to continue their cyberwar against the far right – despite recent crackdowns against so-called ‘hacktivists’. Prolific hackers affiliated with the Anonymous group have been waging an unrelenting campaign against right wing websites dubbed ‘Operation Blitzkrieg’. They have breached servers belonging to the extreme right National Democratic Party (NPD) and the illegal … Continue reading