Far-right groups hurl racist abuse at parade to commemorate life and role of James Larkin

Some 25 were arrested on Saturday in Liverpool as protesters taunted marchers celebrating at the birthplace of the Irish trade union leader JAMES LARKIN, who later founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, was born into grinding poverty in Combermere Street in Toxteth, one of Liverpool’s poorest quarters, in the 1870s. Today, nearly 150 years … Continue reading

Liverpool EDL target community bookstore

On Saturday 7th May, members of the English Defence League invaded the News From Nowhere radical and community bookstore on Bold Street. The group unfurled a flag within the shop, chanting and shouting at the staff and customers in the shop, before finally moving on. By the time anti-fascists arrived at the shop, the fascists … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi skinheads on Bold Street

On Saturday 16th January, Liverpool Antifascists held a benefit gig at the Liverpool Social Centre on Bold Street. The event was a resounding success, filling the venue to capacity and raising an estimated £500 for the anti-fascist cause. A full report on the event will follow soon. However, due to the nature of the event, … Continue reading