Guild Refuses To Hold Mayoral Debates

Update: Liverpool University has confirmed the new venue for the debate as the Sherrington Building on Ashton Street. Liverpool Antifascists’ demonstration has moved accordingly. Map here. It has emerged that the Liverpool Guild of Students has refused to host the Liverpool Mayoral Debate on Thursday 19 April. This is because three of the candidates are fascists … Continue reading

Anti-fascist demonstration – Thursday 19 April

On Thursday 19th April, Mountford Hall is playing host to a live debate amongst all of the prospective candidates for Liverpool’s first directly elected mayor. This includes the three fascist candidates for the British National Party, English Democrats and National Front. Liverpool Antifascists are calling for a demonstration at this event as a show of … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP collapses after National Front defection

It was interesting to see, as the candidates in the Liverpool Mayoral Elections were announced, that there would be three fascist candidates standing. Liverpool organiser Mike Whitby is the British National Party candidate and ex-BNP man Paul Rimmer is standing for the English Democrats. But the surprise candidate is Peter Tierney…for the National Front. Tierney has, … Continue reading

National Front to celebrate Hitler’s birthday

In a move to clearly designed to soften their image and appeal to the more moderate elements within the nationalist movement, the National Front have announced plans to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler. An application for a march has been made to the council in Aberdeen. The council are currently reviewing the application, and … Continue reading

National Front humiliated in Derbyshire

Following the effective takeover of the National Front by suspected state asset Eddie Morrison, the NF have sought to capitalise on the perception amongst many hardcore racists that the BNP is now too mainstream, describing the larger organisations decision to “allow” non-white members a “sell-out” and explicitly calling for BNP members to jump ship. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Splitting The BNP Vote?

The BNP is facing a financially tough general election and now the NF & UKIP could split their vote. 2009 may have been a good year electorally for the BNP but on a financial and personnel level it was moving close to crisis. The MEP and council election success was counter-balanced by the continuing accounting … Continue reading