BNP BOTTLES IT AND CANCELS PUBLIC MEETING `The BNP ran scared this afternoon’ Councillor Balkind. At the last minute, Salford BNP cancelled its public meeting at the city’s garbage depot, as anti-fascist protesters turned up to oppose what UNISON’s Steven North called “hate and division in our city”. Salford City Mayor, Ian Stewart, was also … Continue reading

Former BNP councillor to stand as English Democrat

Seamus Dunne A former BNP councillor, who left the party last year amid leadership and financial concerns, is now standing as an English Democrat. Councillor Seamus Dunne, who was elected to Three Rivers District Council in May 2008, announced in August that he would sit as an independent member. Nick Griffin, who has been party leader … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP’s new take on an old fiddle

It should be no secret that the BNP are a party on the take. In 2001, Nick Griffin used BNP members’ money to fund an extension on his house. Since 2008, he has financed the entire top tier of the party by claiming £382,000 of EU taxpayers money in expenses. They have been quick to plant their … Continue reading