BNP uncover (another) Jewish conspiracy

Protocols: with depiction of “Evil Jew” The world has always been full of conspiracy theory. It’s what used to get “witches” burnt at the stake. It’s also what can lead to genocide. The Nazis were very taken with a book called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a notorious Antisemetic work about a ‘worldwide … Continue reading

The new fascism in Europe Across Europe, quality of life is dropping, providing fertile ground for the far right

Ahead of the June 17 elections in Greece, Athens was the scene of a gruesome nostalgia trip. The ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party took to holding torchlit parades through the streets. The party rejects the term neo-Nazi, but there’s little doubt about its source of inspiration. Their symbol, the twisting maeander, is highly reminiscent of a … Continue reading