Saturday 24 March – Bolton

The North West Infidels announced today that their demonstration on Saturday 24 March will be in Bolton. As mentioned in our previous call out, Liverpool Antifascists are mobilising against them and urge anti-fascists across the country to do the same. If you are travelling from Liverpool, we have transport available. All that we ask is … Continue reading

Stop the North West Infidels – Saturday 24 March

The North West Infidels (NWI), a splinter group from the English Defence League, are planning a demonstration in the North West on Saturday 24 March. Liverpool Antifascists is calling on all anti-fascists, anti-racists and organised workers to mobilise in opposition to the presence of these fascists on our streets. This demonstration comes in the wake … Continue reading

Nick Griffin: out of touch with the working people of the North West

Today, Sir Paul McCartney addressed the European Parliament’s Plenary Chamber on the issue of eating meat. The former Beatle urged people to stop eating meat for just one day in order to cut CO2 emissions. BNP leader and MEP Nick Griffin, however, used the occasion to promote his tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories and insult the people … Continue reading