Northern Ireland flag protests: the politics of distraction

The following post is taken from and does not necessarily represent the opinion of LiverAF. We post it here out of interest, since the flag protests have occurred in Liverpool as well and local members of the North West Infidels have been taking part in them alongside the Combined Ex Forces, loyalists and even … Continue reading

BNP leader lambasted on Ulster race claims

Portadown town centre OUTSPOKEN British National Party leader Nick Griffin has been criticised after claiming that parts of Portadown look like “Africa or China”.  Referring to the growing ethnic minority in the Co Armagh town and other parts of Northern Ireland during a radio phone-in yesterday, the MEP claimed there was no “democratic mandate” for … Continue reading

BNP member denies he helped hold woman in Comber car park

A senior member of the BNP has denied that he helped hold a former employee of the party against her will in a car park in Comber. Clive Jefferson also told an industrial tribunal he had not ordered the woman to falsify election expenses. Marion Thomas is claiming unfair dismissal from her job at the … Continue reading

BNP’S secret union

A SHADOWY trade union run by a former National Front leader is causing strife at Shorts, it has been claimed. But new members don’t realise they are getting into bed with the BNP. Solidarity – a right wing union run by Edinburgh based activist Patrick Harrington – is targeting members of other trade unions to … Continue reading