Fascist threats against Occupy Liverpool come to nothing

Given the dreadful events of the weekend, it’s worth noting that whilst the far-right have treated my blog as an admission of defeat, it was actually a wake up call. Moreover, judging by what took place tonight, it’s a wake up call that is being taken seriously. Tonight, Occupy Liverpool had called a General Assembly … Continue reading

Militant anti-fascism and the Occupy movement

A brief overview of the ideas behind militant anti-fascism, and why physically confronting the far-right is necessary. Aimed at people who’ve been taken in by the idea of pacifism as an absolute, but specifically the Occupy movement and those camping at Occupy Liverpool. On the very first night that Occupy Liverpool set up camp, at … Continue reading

A brief anti-fascist interlude on November 30

On November 30, three million workers across the public sector took strike action. It was the biggest day of action in a generation, and in Liverpool it was marked by workers marching through the city to rally at St George’s Hall. However, upset at being reduced to irrelevance by events, the far-right decided to put … Continue reading