Over the last three years, the British National Party and the English Defence League have held demonstrations in Blackpool over the murders or missing teenagers Paige Chivers and Charlene Downes, blaming members of the local Muslim population. Today, BNP/EDL member Robert Ewing has been found guilty of the murder of Paige at Preston Crown Court. Ewing groomed … Continue reading

Former Ukip regional chairman Peter Entwistle jailed for grooming children

 Peter Entwistle, 52, targeted children as young as 12 A former Ukip regional chairman has been jailed for almost five years for grooming children as young as 12 and possessing almost 200,000 indecent images of children. Peter Entwistle, 52, called himself the ‘Naughty Doctor’ as he targeted pupils online using MSN Messenger and other social … Continue reading

BNP’s date rape boss wants Rotherham set alight

Walker with Squire, the Date-Rape salesman Ousted BNP chief Nick Griffin has been in Italy speaking at a conference of far-right activists this weekend.Griffin jetted out of the country on Friday night but not before he delivered another attack on Adam Walker in an interview that was very quickly pulled from the BNP’s website. Griffin … Continue reading

Charlene Downes: does the BNP really want justice?

The British National Party is claiming credit for the announcement that the police are to launch a new enquiry into the death of Charlene Downes, who disappeared without trace in Blackpool on 1 November 2003, aged 14. But it is not a police investigation that the BNP really wants. The BNP has already decided that … Continue reading

Far-right anti-Islam group EDL seeking to link religion with crime

Britain’s far-right anti-Islam grouping, the English Defence League is exploiting concerns about sex-grooming gangs to enhance its anti-Islam agenda, according to a university report. King’s College London has found that the EDL is using recent cases, such as that of 9 Asian men imprisoned last year for grooming girls in Rochdale to win support from … Continue reading

BNP Hypocrisy Over Paedophile

Gavin Leist Nick Griffin and the BNP have been particularly vocal this past year when it comes to the subject of paedophiles. Griffin has embraced every opportunity open to him to lead protests against the various Asian grooming gangs that have gone on trial across the country. Yet he has been particularly quiet when it … Continue reading

Far right supporter arrested during National Front protest

  Islamophobia Watch  draws our attention to a local news report regarding the arrest of a far right supporter for an alleged racial public order offence during a protest organized by the South Wales National Front in Swansea. From the : South Wales Evening Post “A 21-year old man has been arrested during a demonstration by … Continue reading

The English Defence League’s Exploitation of Young Girls

The English Defence League, with their insistence that they have the welfare of children at heart have taken a major knock this week after EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s sleazy advances were rebuffed by a 15 year old schoolgirl on Twitter …he then went on to subject her to a torrent of racist abuse. As you … Continue reading

Failed National Front Liverpool mayoral candidate Peter Tierney made to stew in the cells after “disrupting” his court hearing

 FAILED National Front Liverpool mayoral candidate Peter Tierney was made to stew in the cells after “disrupting” a court hearing. Chaos erupted at the city’s magistrates’ court when the 55-year-old refused to identity himself to judge Miriam Shelvey. Tierney, of High Street, Hale village, was among four people there to face public order charges after … Continue reading

Police deny EDL rumours of ‘Redditch paedophile gangs’ ahead of Saturday march

  An EDL demonstration in Birmingham POLICE have quashed rumours circulated by the far-right English Defence League (EDL) that paedophile grooming gangs are operating in Redditch. Speaking ahead of a planned demonstration by the group in the town on Saturday, Superintendant Adrian Pass said there was no evidence to back up the claims. Saturday’s demonstration … Continue reading