Walker Nazi worshipper exposed as paedophile

HATE filled Nazi nut Michael Cowen strutted the streets as a tattooed hardman… But today the Sunday Sun exposes him as nothing but a vile paedophile. A worshipper of Hitler and the far right, the hulking 43-year-old strutted around as a henchman for extreme organisations. His North home was a sickening shrine to the Nazis … Continue reading

Paedophile still active within EDL leadership

  EDL paedophile and founding member, Richard Price   An English Defence League convicted paedophile is still active within the senior ranks of the EDL according to screenshots that have been released.   The organisation’s original Facebook group with 15,000 members was hacked recently by ZHC Hacking company and a screenshot of the admin list … Continue reading

BNP threatens protest at headteacher’s home over sex education proposals

Far-right party orders Grenoside Community primary school in Sheffield to drop ‘evil plans bordering on paedophilia’ to extend syllabus to infant pupils. British National party activists have warned a primary school’s headteacher and chair of governors that they will face demonstrations outside their homes if they do not drop plans to extend sex education lessons … Continue reading

Some More On the BNP and Paedophilia

Well, that Labour 25 site is a rare eye opener! Whether it is indeed another BNP front, as Phil Dickens opines, is open to question, and we may note that Nick Griffin was quick to deny same. However, given Griffin’s record of denying everything from climate change to the holocaust to the Ku Klux Klan, we can … Continue reading

Another arrest for Liverpool BNP’s Peter Tierney

BNP “super activist” and increasingly-unhinged lunatic Peter Tierney was arrested on Thursday. Details of the actual charge haven’t yet emerged. However, according to the BNP website, it was in connection to him distributing a leaflet on the “Labour 25.” The Labour 25 is, allegedly, a roll call of 25 Labour Party officials or councillors guilty … Continue reading

The far right, homosexuality, and paedophilia

By “Malatesta” Whilst trawling the far right websites is by turns scary, hilarious and stupefying, it rarely fails to be unpredictable. As we all know the BNP and other Nazi grupuscules are fairly candid about their rampant homophobia but they often come a cropper when they realise that ‘iron hoofs’ are in fact part of … Continue reading