Ukip MEP: Sturgeon should be ‘thrown in front of horse’ over fox vote

  Sturgeon: Ukip MEP writes blog post criticising SNP and Sturgeon’s stance on fox hunting vote.© HEMEDIA / SWNS Group The deputy leader of Ukip has written a blog criticising the SNP’s stance on the vote on fox hunting, suggesting Nicola Sturgeon should be thrown in front of a hunt horse. The comments came from … Continue reading

General Election 2015: UKIP vote surge across Merseyside

Ukip secure second place across number of Mersey constituencies as poll share increases Ukip leader Nigel Farage UKIP increased its share of the poll massively on Merseyside – becoming the second biggest party in a number of constituencies. While Nigel Farage’s party made no gains, its vote share surged dramatically into double figures for the … Continue reading

Ukip candidate suspended over alleged shooting threat

A Ukip candidate has been suspended after being filmed apparently threatening to shoot his Conservative rival for the North East Hampshire seat. The Daily Mirror secretly filmed Robert Blay saying he would “personally put a bullet” in Ranil Jayawardena if the Tory hopeful ever became Prime Minister. Mr Blay also said Mr Jayawardena was “not British enough to be in our … Continue reading

UKIP deputy leader’s fury after Wirral meeting is cancelled “out of the blue”

Paul Nuttall says cancellation “smacks of a deliberate attempt to stifle our message to voters”   Ukip’s Paul Nuttall A UKIP politician has complained of being victimised after a Wirral hotel pulled the plug on a public meeting he was due to host just a week before the event. MEP Paul Nuttall, from Bootle, who … Continue reading

Ukip’s Paul Nuttall says party has set its sights on Southport win

“We know Southport is a place where Ukip in the past has come a number of close seconds.”   Ukip’s Paul Nuttall  Southport has been earmarked by Ukip as a seat that “interests them greatly” in the lead-up to the General Election. Ahead of their north west party conference at the Floral Hall on Saturday, … Continue reading

Why has the BNP collapsed? Tim Wigmore visits Stoke-on-Trent to investigate the reasons for the BNP’s decline – and wonders whether Ukip stand to benefit.

 Nick Griffin arrives to lay flowers close to the scene where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed, on May 24, 2013. Photograph: Getty Images.  “The BNP were toss pots,” observes a grizzled former steel worker in the pub. “They were a load of thugs.” I am in The Last Orders, a dingy, male-dominated enclave in Stoke-on-Trent. The … Continue reading

Is Ukip a party of bigots? Let’s look at the evidence. Their manifesto might just look like a list of things that annoy people, but party members hold some views that should concern us, says Alex Andreou.

Nigel Farage. Photograph: Getty Images The danger with extremism is that, when filtered through eyes and minds of reasonable people, it appears ridiculous. The reasonable assumption is that others will view it through the same filter and find it equally ridiculous. But, while The Reasonable laugh, support for extremist views creeps up. Because what The … Continue reading

UKIP’s Save the Pub crusaders knock down two boozers to build on land

‘Hypocrite’ UKIP man ignores party’s own campaign to save the pub and knocks  down The Fawn and the Bricklayer’s Arms No longer standing: The Bricklayers Arms in  Windsor A Rising UKIP star has knocked down two pubs to expand his property empire  while his party campaigns to save Britain’s boozers. Tom Bursnall demolished the bars … Continue reading

Inside UKIP’s spring conference: Racist jokes, boozed-up delegates and champagne boasts on board £1m yacht

UKIP’s Spring Conference Leader Nigel Farage clapped as a comic took swipes at Indians, Muslims and  Poles – and a rising political star told Sunday Mirror reporters Essex was “full  of Arabs” Nigel Farage and hundreds of his UKIP supporters roared with laughter – as a  comic cracked a string of offensive jokes about foreigners. … Continue reading