UKIP absorbs Britain’s far-right

  English Defense League march. Newcastle, 2010. [Gavin Lynn/Flickr] Sparsely attended far-right rallies in Britain highlight the decline of a movement in disarray, but experts say that some of its ideas have found new expression in the Eurosceptic UKIP ahead of elections in May. Anti-fascist demonstrators outnumbered the roughly 400 people at a raucous English … Continue reading

PEGIDA Québec cancels march after anti-racist groups convene

Anti-Islam group with European roots and National Front sympathies organizes in Quebec Two women at the anti-PEGIDA protest share a laugh together while waiting to see whether members of the pro-nationalist group, anti-Islam group would show up. (Radio-Canada)  Related Stories European anti-Islam group PEGIDA plans debut in Montreal PEGIDA leader Kathrin Oertel resigns one week … Continue reading

Pegida UK: A lacklustre disappointment to its German parents

A man with a swastika on the back of his helmet holds a sign aloft amid the Pegida UK crowd in Newcastle.(IBT) For a new protest group, there is little new about Pegida UK. Its launch in Newcastle on 28 February could barely muster a tenth of the support its parent organisation in Germany drew, … Continue reading

Anti-Islam group’s first British march could attract thousands of protesters

Pegida has sparked huge controversy in Germany and the group warns more demos could be planned in the future German landmarks remained dark in protest against Patriotic European Against the Islamisation of Europe who were marching in the city. Pictured counter protesters against PEGIDA in Stuttgart A notorious ‘anti-Islam’ movement is coming to Britain with … Continue reading

PEGIDA movement spreads across Europe, stirs anti-immigrant sentiment

Originating in Germany, anti-Muslim group spreads in aftermath of Charlie Hebdo attack Having taken root in the German city of Dresden, the anti-Islamic movement PEGIDA is swiftly spreading across other parts of Western Europe. Galvanized by last week’s attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, organizers are now planning demonstrations in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland … Continue reading

Germany’s Islamophobes: a social movement or flash mob?

Protesters are united by more than blind hatred for Islam On Monday evenings Germans in many cities across the country have been gathering for months to oppose the supposed Islamization of Germany. Centered in the eastern city of Dresden, a diffuse, until recently unknown group called Patriotische Europäer gegen eine Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans … Continue reading