BNP factionalism in Liverpool: the paranoia and lies set in

As the BNP leadership contest between Eddy Butler and Nick Griffin hots up, factionalism amongst the fascists continues to be rife. Nowhere more so than in Liverpool. Two weeks ago, we reported on the local branch’s purge of Butler’s supporters from its ranks, and the violent debacle that ensued. Since then, the Griffinite loyalists have … Continue reading

Disorder and violence as Liverpool BNP purges dissidents

It’s been a long week for the BNP in Liverpool. On Monday, after Peter Tierney was sentenced to 100 hours community service and twenty Liverpool and Salford BNP activists made a show of themselves in support of him, it seems that they went out on the lash. Or at least Gary Lucas did – reports … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP show their true colours – Conservative

After a dead silence due to their crushing defeat in both the General and Local Elections, Liverpool organiser Peter Squire is back to posting inane drivel on the Merseyside BNP blogonce again. It will come as no surprise that they’re not even attempting to disguise their contempt for the people of Liverpool. First is their … Continue reading

Desperate BNP resort to obvious lies

It would appear that the efforts of Liverpool Antifascists are getting to Merseyside BNP. On their blog, once again, their organiser Peter Squire has seen fit to spew out utter nonsense about our leafletting campaign; News is coming in to me that the fascist UAF were chased out of Anfield today by outraged residents. Apparently … Continue reading

Fascists in profile: Karen Otty

As we approach the council and parliamentary elections on 6th May, a fair few up-and-coming fascists will receive exposure by standing in elections. Who are they and what, if anything, distinguishes them from the far-right’s old guard? Liverpool Antifascists takes a look. First up is Anfield candidate Karen Otty. Full name: Karen Gillian Otty DOB: … Continue reading

BNP candidates in Liverpool down by a third

The BNP today revealed it would be standing only eight candidates in the local elections in Liverpool on May 6th. This is eight too many, but it is one third less than the twelve it put up in 2008 and represents the effects of a determined anti-fascist campaign against them and of the internal divisions … Continue reading

Circus becomes farce in the Peter Tierney trial

Today, the jurors in BNP “super-activist” Peter Tierney’s trial for assault were discharged and it was announced that the trial would recommence with a new judge and jury on June 14th. The reason given for this was the emergence, yesterday, of an “undisclosed matter” which could prejudice the hearing of the case. It would now … Continue reading