BNP activist Andrew Tierney found guilty of assaulting anti-fascist

Just over a year after Liverpool BNP’s number one Viking look-a-like Peter Tierney assaulted an anti-fascist with a camera tripod, was convicted for ABH and forced to don a fetching orange jacket for 150hrs community service – his unhinged brother Andrew has been electronically tagged for three months following a similar attack on anti-fascists in … Continue reading

Nick Griffin wins BNP leadership election

Nick Griffin has retained the leadership of the BNP in an election against fellow fascist MEP Andrew Brons. Griffin claims that this now puts internal squabbles in the past and they “have a Party to build and a Nation to save.” However, the election campaign only underlined – rather than healed – the fractures in … Continue reading

Some More On the BNP and Paedophilia

Well, that Labour 25 site is a rare eye opener! Whether it is indeed another BNP front, as Phil Dickens opines, is open to question, and we may note that Nick Griffin was quick to deny same. However, given Griffin’s record of denying everything from climate change to the holocaust to the Ku Klux Klan, we can … Continue reading

Another arrest for Liverpool BNP’s Peter Tierney

BNP “super activist” and increasingly-unhinged lunatic Peter Tierney was arrested on Thursday. Details of the actual charge haven’t yet emerged. However, according to the BNP website, it was in connection to him distributing a leaflet on the “Labour 25.” The Labour 25 is, allegedly, a roll call of 25 Labour Party officials or councillors guilty … Continue reading

Local elections confirm the BNP’s downward spiral

The British National Party failed to win a single seat on either Liverpool or Knowsley Councils, in both cases securing less that 1% of the vote. This tops a spectacularly bad year for the party, following from the implosion, splits and recriminations wrought by failure at last year’s general elections. In the wards where the … Continue reading

Andrew Tierney: the BNP’s Ku Klux Klan candidate?

It has emerged that a video on YouTube, of a man giving Nazi salutes and dancing to a famous racist marching song whilst wearing the white hood of the Ku Klux Klan, may be a candidate for the British National Party in May’s local elections. Standing in St Gabriel’s Ward in Knowsley as Andrew Brennus, … Continue reading

Liverpool BNP harrass Asian shop-keepers in Huyon

On Saturday, the Liverpool branch of the British National Party were out in Huyton. However, they were not doing a stall, a paper sale, or election leafletting. Instead, they spent hours outside an Asian business in a barely disguised case of racial harrasment and intimidation. See the video here. According to their blog, the group’s … Continue reading

Three members of Liverpool BNP arrested

In our report on Saturday’s events in the City Centre, we reported that 6 anti-fascists were arrested for public order offences at the beginning of the day. It now seems that more than just crossed words were involved, as today 3 members of Liverpool BNP were arrested by the police. Two of these are believed … Continue reading

Spontaneous opposition sees the BNP flee Liverpool City Centre once more

Today, the British National Party once again set up their stall in Liverpool City Centre. As on previous occasions, local anti-fascists and members of the public gathered to oppose their fascist politics and see them off the streets of Liverpool. Today’s events were nowhere near as dramatic as the last such encounter, when after a … Continue reading

BNP’s campaign falls flat in Croxteth

The British National Party has failed to secure a seat in the council by-election in Croxteth. Despite determined campaigning, the people of the ward overwhelmingly rejected the fascist party and its violent convict candidate, Peter Tierney. Tierney, 52, owns the Quiggins Attique antiques shop on Aigburth Road and holds a conviction for actual bodily harm. … Continue reading