Police clamp down on counter demos in Bristol

The police have today used their powers under the Public Order Act to prevent a counter demonstration to the presence of the right-wing and anti-Islamic EDL from going ahead in Bristol City Centre tomorrow (Saturday). Organisers of the rally, which had significant trade union backing, have been issued with legal notices enforcing restrictions on the … Continue reading

Rodney King Dead at 47

Reproduced via – http://anti-racistcanada.blogspot.co.uk/ Twenty-one years ago I was in high school when the video of Rodney King being beaten by members of the LAPD made international news. I had already been following news stories about racist groups in Canada and the United States. The Heritage Front had started making headlines and was fast becoming the most influential … Continue reading

NUT comments on police report into the death of NUT member Blair Peach

There will be a lot more on this in tomorrow’s newspapers. In the meantime here’s an early reaction from Blair Peach’s old union. Commenting on the release of the previously secret Metropolitan Police report into the death of NUT member Blair Peach Christine Blower General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers said; “While we … Continue reading