Police order extra patrols amid fears of KKK march

Police in Cedartown ordered extra patrols amid fears the Ku Klux Klan would march through the west Georgia city after a recent slaying. Assistant police Chief Jamie Newsome tells CBS Atlanta that police have been out in force this week. Newsome says police wanted to send a message to the community that they won’t tolerate … Continue reading

Racist Firebomber Caught After Bragging On Facebook

A hate filled firebomber led cops to his door after boasting of his attack on Facebook. Tomis Mankos could have killed a young Jewish family when he hurled a firework though their bedroom window. Gershon Miller’s 11-year-old daughter fled when Mankos threw the lit explosive into their home in Bensham, Gateshead. But after Mankos bragged … Continue reading

Racially Motivated Arson In Liverpool

Racist graffiti was found inside the burnt-out interior of the property yesterday morning, police confirmed. The fire destroyed both upstairs bedrooms and caused severe heat and smoke damage to the front room. The blaze swept through the unoccupied terraced house on Laburnum Grove in Wavertree at around 11am, prompting a member of the public to … Continue reading