English Neo-Nazis Marched Through London on Remembrance Sunday

It’s a little known fact that every year on Remembrance Sunday, just after the Queen, the Prime Minister, and other members of the British establishment and military have finished remembering those who fought and died in the two World Wars and later conflicts, a bunch of neo-Nazis march past the Cenotaph to pay their own … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: London bus driver suspended over racist links with Nazi groups

A NEO-NAZI thug with an obsession for white power band Skrewdriver has been suspended from his job as a London bus driver. WHITE POWER: The NF last year in London Wes Lay has strong links with far-right groups including Combat 18 (C18), the National Front (NF), the British National Party (BNP) and Greece’s Golden Dawn.Despite … Continue reading

National Front targets another mosque

� Richard Edmonds in front of the Baitul Futuh Mosque in Morden No doubt flushed with the “success” of its recent protest at the site of a proposed mosque in Sunderland, the National Front has belatedly latched on to the plan to convert a vacant building in Worcester Park in South London into an Islamic … Continue reading

No unity so far for anti-Griffin right

AFTER ALL THE HYPE AND PROMISES, the annual booze-up in memory of one of Britain’s most infamous postwar, jackbooted nazi leaders was a distinct disappointment. John Tyndall, who died in July 2005, founded the British National Party and led it until Nick Griffin became chairman in 1999. Even the fact that the event was an … Continue reading

Hope Not Hate on The New Right, or the Emergence of an Assortment of Fascists Who Think They Can Think

It’s been a big few weeks for far right meetings. Just under a fortnight ago the crème de la crème of British fascists met in Preston to once more pick over the bones of their unlamented fallen Fuhrer John Tyndall, the founder of the modern BNP who died in 2005. This weekend as many as 200 … Continue reading

Der Untergang! British National Party declares war… on itself

Just over a year ago, the Brits woke up to discover that Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons from the far right had been elected as MEPs. Party leader Griffin declared that this was the beginning of a brave new world and got pelted with eggs on his way out of the count. Today, if there … Continue reading

BNP leader Nick Griffin isolated after election disasters. Key figures threaten to form breakaway group as party chairman faces second leadership challenge in less than 12 months.

Nick Griffin has led the BNP since 1999, but is now seen as an ­electoral liability by many senior ­party members.  The British National party’s dominance of far-right politics in the UK is under threat for the first time in a decade after a string of poor election results and a growing rebellion against its … Continue reading

Nick Griffin jail proceedings adjourned

An attempt by the Equality Commission to imprison the British National Party leader Nick Griffin was adjourned [yesterday] for two months. Griffin and two former BNP officers, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby, are accused of failing to remove potentially racist clauses from the party’s constitution. Although the party agreed in February to open membership to … Continue reading