EDL And Infidels In Dick Swinging Contest

Humiliating day really for both the EDL and the BNP. Only 436 EDL supporters went to Rochdale, and under 50 people turned up in Blackpool to listen to Nick Griffin trying to cash in on what is left of an ugly situation there. Word is rife on the internet that Stephen Lennon, who leads the EDL using the … Continue reading

Eleven arrested during English Defence League rally in Rochdale

Eleven men were arrested by police today during a rally by the English Defence League in Rochdale. More than 400 members of the far-right organisation gathered for around two hours outside the town hall. The majority were brought into the town centre on buses and coaches from a nearby retail park at 1pm. Many gathered outside … Continue reading

Statement From The NUJ In Response To Threats Of Violence From The ‘Casuals’

Urgent notice for NUJ members covering the EDL demonstration in Rochdale The NUJ has demanded that journalists be allowed to do their job without being harassed or threatened during the demonstration organised by the English Defence League on Saturday 9 June in Rochdale.   On its website The Casuals United group has said: “Any media not … Continue reading

Boneheads Prepare To Descend On Rochdale For Rally

Rochdale shop owners are preparing ahead of tomorrow’s English Defence League march. The far-right movement will descend on the town at 1.30pm to demonstrate against what they see as an expansion of Muslim extremism. Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk urged the town to continue as usual. He said: “Tomorrow’s ‘protest’ is nothing more than an attempt … Continue reading

Three BNP supporters arrested following Heywood and Rochdale protests over child sex ring case

Far right-groups organised protests in Greater Manchester over the grooming case and police accused the BNP activists of using diversionary tactics. Ten BNP supports held a peaceful demonstration in Heywood town centre around 5pm yesterday but around 40 people from Infidels of Britain and the National Front attempt to disrupt a council function at Rochdale … Continue reading

Guilty verdict in Rochdale grooming trial

NB: This post was published here yesterday. It has been updated slightly to reflect subsequent developments. Nine men have been found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court of operating a child sex ring in Rochdale. The verdict sees all of the offenders jailed, and will hopefully offer some closure to the victims and their families. There is no doubt at … Continue reading

Fascist rioting in Rochdale

The Maldon Standard reports that an Asian takeaway has become the target of violence in the Heywood area of Rochdale. No further details are given, but from what is being reported through Facebook and Twitter it looks as though those involved are connected to the North West Infidels and similar far-right groups, who believe the takeaway … Continue reading