‘Fatwa’ bans former Ukip chairman from party for 100 years: UKIP Scotland’s former chairman has been suspended from the party for 100 years as a “fatwa” for speaking to the Sunday Herald.

David Coburn topped Ukip’s European list for Scotland in controversial circumstances, plunging the party into turmoil Paul Henke, who had confirmed making a complaint about a colleague to this newspaper, has been barred from the party until his 163rd birthday. Ukip, the anti-European Union anti-immigration party led by Nigel Farage, has enjoyed electoral success in … Continue reading

Fascists humiliated in Glasgow

Scores of trade union activists and anti-fascist campaigners have prevented the racist BNP from holding what they described as a ‘national rally’ in Scotland. Party leader, Nick Griffin, had been due to attend an outdoor rally in Glasgow city centre. In the event, three members of a small, breakaway fascist group turned up. They were … Continue reading

Scottish Defence League ‘back out’ of Glasgow demo following 5 arrests….NFSE??

Details are unclear at the moment, but at least five members of the Scottish Defence league have been arrested across Scotland. Some at their homes and some at their workplaces. It would also appear that some are on the run In a move that is clearly nothing to do with today’s arrests (lol) the Scottish … Continue reading

Stop the BNP Demo in Glasgow – 28th July 2012

*****UPDATE**** 27th July On Saturday 28 July 9AM, the BNP will descend on Glasgow city centre for what leader Nick Griffin is calling the “biggest nationalist demonstration ever in Glasgow”. It follows their failed attempts – alongside their fascist chums in the Scottish Defence League – to carry out activity on Buchanan Street over two Saturdays … Continue reading

Fascist Boneheads Attack a Demonstration in Glasgow

**Information Courtesy of the Sisterhood Against The Fascist Clan** Fascists showed up as organisers were setting up for a rally this morning, and threatened a couple of pensioners sorting placards. Made several attempts to attack the demonstration attended by charities, mps,celebrities and many supporters which resulted in police having to cordon off several areas of … Continue reading

All Five Members Of The Scottish Defence League Vow To Ignore Demonstration Ban

Tayside Police have said they will ”fully consider the implications” of the decision taken by Dundee City Council’s licensing committee to reject an application by the Scottish Defence League to protest in the City Square. The SDL have said they will disregard the committee’s ruling and it is thought the force will be ready to deploy extra … Continue reading

I’m a victim of prejudice says sacked BNP bouncer

A prominent member of the British National Party has complained of being a victim of discrimination after saying he lost his job at a gay nightclub when bosses found out about his political beliefs. David Orr, who is step-brother of singer KT Tunstall is one of the most prominent Scottish members of the far-right organisation … Continue reading

Another Pathetic Turnout by Fascists in Scotland

Rival marches by a far-right group and anti-fascists have passed off without major incident. The Scottish Defence League (SDL) and Unite Against Fascism held separate marches towards St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh where they also held their own rallies. Lothian and Borders Police said around 80 people were at the SDL event while around 300 … Continue reading

Scottish Defence League wins appeal to hold rally in Edinburgh

The Scottish Defence League has won an appeal to hold a rally in the capital. The group previously had a request to march through Edinburgh rejected by the City of Edinburgh Council. At Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Wednesday it was granted permission to gather on Regent Road on Saturday. Anti-fascism group Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh … Continue reading

National Front to celebrate Hitler’s birthday

In a move to clearly designed to soften their image and appeal to the more moderate elements within the nationalist movement, the National Front have announced plans to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler. An application for a march has been made to the council in Aberdeen. The council are currently reviewing the application, and … Continue reading