Revealed At Last, The Criminal Convictions of the EDL

Last week a list of EDL supporters, along with their criminal convictions, appeared on the Internet. Since then, either Marmite can’t see what’s under his nose, or the list has disappeared. Whatever. We reproduce it here, albeit in a rather more digestible form, and for the delectation of home buyers everywhere. Well, bearing in mind that … Continue reading

Fascists humiliated in Glasgow

Scores of trade union activists and anti-fascist campaigners have prevented the racist BNP from holding what they described as a ‘national rally’ in Scotland. Party leader, Nick Griffin, had been due to attend an outdoor rally in Glasgow city centre. In the event, three members of a small, breakaway fascist group turned up. They were … Continue reading

Scottish Defence League ‘back out’ of Glasgow demo following 5 arrests….NFSE??

Details are unclear at the moment, but at least five members of the Scottish Defence league have been arrested across Scotland. Some at their homes and some at their workplaces. It would also appear that some are on the run In a move that is clearly nothing to do with today’s arrests (lol) the Scottish … Continue reading

Another Pathetic Turnout by Fascists in Scotland

Rival marches by a far-right group and anti-fascists have passed off without major incident. The Scottish Defence League (SDL) and Unite Against Fascism held separate marches towards St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh where they also held their own rallies. Lothian and Borders Police said around 80 people were at the SDL event while around 300 … Continue reading