BNP To Field Lowest Number Of Local Election Candidates In A Decade

The British National Party will field their lowest number of candidates for over a decade in local elections across England this year, with just 90 as opposed to 450 four years ago. Anti-fascist campaigners Hope Not Hate reported that the far right party only realistically has the possibility of winning two or three seats, with … Continue reading

The anti-Islam English Defense League plans a massive European rally. Violence feared on streets of Aarhus, Denmark, as far-right gathers from across Europe

Members of the right-wing English Defence League (EDL) shout at Islamist demonstrators protesting outside the US embassy in London on Sept. 11, 2011 during a ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Around 50 people brandished anti-US banners, chanted slogans and burnt a small piece of paper with … Continue reading

EDL chief faces assault sentence

The leader of the English Defence League from Bedfordshire is due to be sentenced for assaulting a fellow-member of the far-right group. Stephen Lennon, founder of the English Defence League (EDL) headbutted his victim shortly after speaking at a rally of 2,000 followers in Blackburn, Lancs, on April 2. The 28-year-old, from Luton, launched a … Continue reading

EDL founder Stephen Lennon fails in appeal over Luton brawl

 The founder of the English Defence League has lost an appeal against his conviction for leading a brawl involving 100 football fans. Stephen Lennon, 28, led Luton Town supporters as they clashed with Newport County fans in Luton, the town’s crown court heard. Lennon, from Luton, was convicted in July of using threatening, abusive or … Continue reading

EDL leader Stephen Lennon convicted of assault. EDL leader ‘headbutted supporter’

The leader of the English Defence League (EDL) has been convicted of assault after headbutting a member of his group during a rally in Blackburn. Stephen Lennon, 28, goaded his followers during a rally attended by 2,000 EDL members in April, Preston Magistrates’ Court heard. He verbally abused Alan McKee, 33, before attacking him. Lennon … Continue reading

EDL leader ‘on hunger strike’ in custody

    THE leader of the English Defence League, Stephen Lennon, is on hunger strike and is claiming to be a “political prisoner of the state”, following his arrest after a protest in London on Saturday.  Mr Lennon, who also calls himself Tommy Robinson, was remanded in custody at Luton Magistrates Court this morning (Monday, … Continue reading

The Guns of the EDL

Joel Titus: EDL Youth Leader When right wing extremist Anders Breivik went on his murder spree in Oslo last month, attention predictably turned to England and the far-right extremist English Defence League (EDL), the organisation that inspired the killer. Despite claiming that his organisation had no official contacts with Breivik and that he condemned the … Continue reading

EDL man is people-smuggler

A prominent member of the English Defence League is a convicted people smuggler. Ex-serviceman Allan Hetherington-Cleverley, 55, [pictured, left] is a regular at protests for the far-right group that advocates kicking Muslims out of the UK. But the Daily Star Sunday can reveal he spent four years in prison for smuggling Chinese immigrants across the … Continue reading

The EDL threaten Christmas mayhem over recycled tabloid myths

The English Defence League, spiralling further into irrelevance as far as real issues facing the working class are concerned, has decided to save Christmas. It has issued letters to councils across the country saying they will “close down” any town that “bans” the festival to “appease Muslims.” At this point, it is unclear what their … Continue reading


 A FAR-RIGHT group has vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favouritism to Muslims. The English Defence League said it has written to every council in the country threatening a mass invasion if they ban the word “Christmas”. It includes using the term “winter festival” in case Christmas upsets Muslims. … Continue reading