Steve Greenhalgh denied entry to BNP meeting by Peter Tierney

Further to our recent coverage of factionalism within Liverpool BNP, what follows is a video of former BNP organiser Steve Greenhalgh being knocked back from the Aigburth Peoples’ Hall by “super-activist” Peter Tierney. Both men were involved in the incident which saw Tierney crack an antifascist across the head with a camera tripod last year. … Continue reading

Spontaneous antifascist protest sends BNP packing in Liverpool

Today, members of the British National Party – including Nick Griffin – held a stall in Liverpool City Centre. They were, perhaps, hoping to show that they stood tall after their trouncing at the General and local elections. Instead, what it showed was the strength of antifascist sentiment in Liverpool. Within minutes of the BNP … Continue reading

Clean sweep of lost deposits for Liverpool BNP

The voters have spoken – and they’ve told Liverpool BNP where to get off in no uncertain terms. The BNP averaged a humiliating 1.82% in the three Liverpool seats they constested, losing their deposits in every one. As usual, the BNP in Liverpool performed WORSE than the party nationally. In Wavertree they were 7th out … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP: putting local people last

Over at the Merseyside BNP blog, quasi-literate Liverpool organiser Peter Squire has a lot to say about flags along County Road. Firstly, credit where it’s not due: “thanks to Merseyside British National Party pushing the agenda in local Liverpool communities we may be starting to see ( and quite rightly about time) the recognition of … Continue reading

BNP candidates in Liverpool down by a third

The BNP today revealed it would be standing only eight candidates in the local elections in Liverpool on May 6th. This is eight too many, but it is one third less than the twelve it put up in 2008 and represents the effects of a determined anti-fascist campaign against them and of the internal divisions … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP’s new take on an old fiddle

It should be no secret that the BNP are a party on the take. In 2001, Nick Griffin used BNP members’ money to fund an extension on his house. Since 2008, he has financed the entire top tier of the party by claiming £382,000 of EU taxpayers money in expenses. They have been quick to plant their … Continue reading

The thugs, “super-activists,” and confrontational street tactics of Merseyside BNP

Since the previous post detailing today’s events at the Crown Court, Merseyside BNP have responded with their own account. It is a laughably illiterate and nonsensical “report” riddled with idiotic fabrications. Normally, such nonsense as appears there wouldn’t merit comment. However, it does provide an excuse to provide a more in-depth report and further images … Continue reading

Peter Tierney and Merseyside BNP head to court yet again…

Today, Merseyside BNP “super-activist” Peter Tierney was up at the Crown Court to enter a plea on charges of assault. In response, Liverpool Antifascists turned up to distribute leaflets informing the public of exactly who Merseyside BNP has in its ranks. Overall, the response to the leaflets from the public was a positive one and … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP’s lies shatter at the trial of accused anti-fascist

On April 23rd, Peter Tierney and Steve Greenhalgh of the Merseyside BNP were among the thugs who attacked antifascist leafleters in Liverpool City Centre. Despite their claims of self-defence, assault charges against their chosen anti-fascist fall guy were dropped months ago as utterly untenable. Recently, at the antifascist’s trial, even the flimst criminal damage charges … Continue reading