The state and the “extremists”

On Friday, the police arrested twenty two people who were protesting outside the US Embassy. The group were protesting under the banner “United Ummah,” but were arrested on suspicion of being part of the banned Muslims Against Crusades. The demonstration was against the use of US drones in Pakistan. However it is clear that United Ummah … Continue reading

The repercussions of a ban on the EDL

Recently, I made the case yet again against using the state to fight fascism. One key point in this was that by calling on the state to stop a protest taking place because those marching are fascists you set a precedent for them to do so when those marching aren’t fascists. Thus, the only thing … Continue reading

Calling for state repression will not beat fascism

Today’s Daily Star carries the story that “The English Defence League will carry out a Norway-style massacre in Britain unless the Government cracks down on the racist organisation.” Aside from the irony of a paper which previously supported these fascists carrying this story, the idea that it offers is a dangerous one. The state’s “crack … Continue reading

Do not ask for the EDL to be Banned

Statement from Tower Hamlets ALARM on calls to ban the English Defence League from marching. Ban the EDL march. The current chant right now of the Left. They are insane. Some people are getting into the old rhetoric “We are proud of Tower Hamlets, a vibrant multiracial area, which has along and proud history of … Continue reading

Destroying the BNP in court won’t defeat fascism

In February, the British National Party voted to change its constitution to allow non-whites to join, after legal threats from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). But both sides have since returned to court after the EHRC declared that the new rules are still “indirectly discriminatory.” The matter in contention is that members have … Continue reading