Hideously diverse Britain: meet the mosque-trashers. The six white guys in the dock, accused of a violent attack on a mosque, seemed to have lost their swagger

They didn’t look that threatening. Six white guys sharply dressed in the dock, although you quickly got the impression that they didn’t always look like that. One, with sunken eyes, bristled in a black shirt and a stripy tie that were obviously bought for the occasion. The guy next to him looked even more discomforted. … Continue reading

EDL thug abused old men

An ENGLISH Defence League member who threatened two elderly asian men has been handed a suspended prison sentence.  Darren Buck, 50, was involved in the demonstration with the far-right group in Halifax town centre on April 16. Calderdale Magistrates Court heard how around 200 EDL members turned out for the demonstration which they claimed was … Continue reading

Five in court after Blackburn EDL rally

AN English Defence League supporter attacked a police horse, punching it eight times during last month’s demonstration in Blackburn. Robert Gavin Tromans was one of five people to appear at the town’s magistrate court on Friday in connection with disorder during the rally. Tromans, 29, of Beverley Road, West Bromwich, attacked the horse as police formed … Continue reading

Nazi-sympathising teen targeted Birkenhead shop to assault Sri Lankan owners

TWO Nazi-sympathising teens targeted a corner shop to assault the Sri Lankan owners. Judge David Aubrey QC told Robert Phillips, 19, and Michael Walters, 18, their behaviour was “racist and it was despicable and it was upon vulnerable people” as he put them both behind bars. He added: “You targeted these premises. You inflicted violence … Continue reading

Peter Tierney trial reconvenes, and puts the threat of the BNP into perspective

Since the original incident last April, the Peter Tierney saga has dragged on for far too long. Antifascists (and, no doubt, fascists) in Liverpool will be very glad when it is over. Nonetheless, whilst it continues, we cannot simply stand aside and ignore the fact that a high-profile member of the BNP is on trial … Continue reading

Sinister Links Uncovered Between Hull BNP, National Front and Racial Volunteer Force

EXCLUSIVE: Race Hate and Nailbombs: The BNP and National Front Alliance It has come to our attention that there appears to be an alliance in Hull between the British National Party and the National Front, and with links to a much darker dangerous group, the Racial Volunteer Force. Jason Carr is standing for the BNP … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP show themselves up at the Crown Court

Today officially saw the beginning of Merseyside BNP “super-activist” Peter Tierney’s trial for assault. Though little happened in the courtroom, the space outside was alive with protests both for and against the fascist thuggery of the BNP. This marked Merseyside BNP’s first attempt at a formal protest since November 2008, and the event was nothing short … Continue reading

Fascist violence on trial on March 15th

After Peter Tierney’s last appearence at Liverpool Crown Court, charged with assaulting an antifascist, we reposted an article from the Daily Post which reported that his trial would commence on February 15th. Soon after, both the plaintiff and witnesses brought it to our attention that the actual date was March 15th and that the Post reporter … Continue reading

More intimidation tactics by Peter Tierney and Merseyside BNP

Today, activists from Liverpool Antifascists delivered leaflets in Halewood. The event was an overall success, but once again Merseyside BNP revealed that they rely more on intimidation tactics than on politics to get their point across. As we set off from the Summerfield on Hillfoot Avenue, there was a brief encounter with a BNP supporter. … Continue reading