Err, not really…

As I’ve mentioned previously, the BNP is worried about finding itself increasingly irrelevant in the rising climate of austerity and class war. To counter this, alongside its usual tactic of racialising economic issues, it has been trying to play the victim card on the back of increasingly absurd claims. Their latest rambling nonsense is this; … Continue reading

Hull antifascists drive off Nazi BNP ‘protest’ outside mosque

More than 250 people from Hull braved the snow and freezing temperatures to resist attempts by the fascist British National Party to demonstrate outside a local mosque. About 20 members of the BNP and the racist English Defence League were spotted in and around the park near Pearson Park Mosque but ran away when they … Continue reading

Hope not Hate declares victory as history threatens to repeat itself in Bradford

Earlier this month, I laid out the argument for militant working class resistance against the English Defence League in Bradford. Specifically, I explained why both a state ban and a “unity event” which refused to directly confront the fascists were the wrong approaches to take. Nonetheless, Hope not Hate reports that its campaign for a … Continue reading

Militant, working class self-organisation: a response to Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism

Editorial note: although Liverpool Antifascists agrees with the overall thrust of the following article, it should be read as the opinion of its author and not of LiverAF as a whole. It is now three weeks until the English Defence League (EDL) descend upon Bradford, and the debate continues about how antifascists should oppose them. … Continue reading

Addressing the problem of the English Defence League

The debate continues about how to address the problem of the English Defence League (EDL). The only problem is that both sides of the debate are wrong. In yesteray’s Independent, Rob Williams said that “as reprehensible as the ideas the EDL/WDL are, they are not a serious threat to the social cohesion of the UK.” … Continue reading

Merseyside BNP show themselves up at the Crown Court

Today officially saw the beginning of Merseyside BNP “super-activist” Peter Tierney’s trial for assault. Though little happened in the courtroom, the space outside was alive with protests both for and against the fascist thuggery of the BNP. This marked Merseyside BNP’s first attempt at a formal protest since November 2008, and the event was nothing short … Continue reading

BNP given last chance to make equality change to constitution

Far-right party told to address its entry criteria at extraordinary general meeting next month or face legal consequences The British National party was warned tonight that it had one last chance to scrap its constitution or face legal action under equality laws. Its leader, Nick Griffin, was told at a Central London county court session … Continue reading

Violence at Nottingham anti-Islam demo

Eleven men have been arrested during violent skirmishes at a demonstration by the English Defence League. A 29-year-old WPC was taken to hospital after she suffered an arm injury while policing a cordon at the protest in Nottingham city centre. All of those arrested during the march by 500 members of the EDL were held … Continue reading