Ku Klux Klan Faction Predicts American Government Is On The Brink Of Collapse As They Train For ‘Race War’

A group of Ku Klux Klan members says it is planning military style combat training for the first time in KKK history – exactly 60 years after the birth of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. The Loyal White Knights (LWK) faction plan to take up arms for a civil war they say will break out … Continue reading

Neo-Nazi convict ‘fesses up to new murder in TV show but authorities call it a ‘fairy tale’

A neo-Nazi already locked up for stabbing a teen to death in 2006 appeared in a recent episode of the cable TV show, “I (Almost) Got Away With it,” and made a startling confession: He once murdered a homeless man. But as incredible as John Ditullio’s account sounded, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Florida says … Continue reading

Sheriff says KKK costume a stupid mistake

Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison said he has no affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, despite old photos that surfaced showing him wearing a robe and hood. He wore the costume to a Halloween party around 25 years ago, long before he took office. “I don’t deny it wasn’t stupid, looking back now, but there again I … Continue reading

Police order extra patrols amid fears of KKK march

Police in Cedartown ordered extra patrols amid fears the Ku Klux Klan would march through the west Georgia city after a recent slaying. Assistant police Chief Jamie Newsome tells CBS Atlanta that police have been out in force this week. Newsome says police wanted to send a message to the community that they won’t tolerate … Continue reading

Anti-Semitism in Brooklyn Reaches New Heights

Council Member Michael C. Nelson along with Council Member Lew Fidler and Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein expressed outrage and shock over the recent escalation of anti-Semitic vandalism and assaults in Brooklyn, New York, BrooklynScoopreported. Last week, a van and a light pole were sprayed with swastikas on East Second Street in Kensington. The discovery came just days after swastikas … Continue reading

White supremacists lobbying in Washington

A group that says it crusades for white Christian nationalists has registered to lobby in Washington, documents show. The Hill said Crusaders For Yahweh-Aryan Nations describes itself as advocates of “pro-white Christian identity [and] white nationalism.” Paul Mullet, senior pastor for the group, said Crusaders for Yahweh has 37 chapters in the United States and … Continue reading

Rodney King Dead at 47

Reproduced via – http://anti-racistcanada.blogspot.co.uk/ Twenty-one years ago I was in high school when the video of Rodney King being beaten by members of the LAPD made international news. I had already been following news stories about racist groups in Canada and the United States. The Heritage Front had started making headlines and was fast becoming the most influential … Continue reading

KKK Can’t Adopt a Highway in Georgia

The next time you drive through Georgia you might see an Adopt a Highway sign from your friendly local KKK. A local chapter in Northern Georgia applied to adopt a stretch of highway as part of the state’s partnership with private organizations to beautify stretches of state highway. Georgia denied the application, but that doesn’t … Continue reading

History Proves Fascist Terror Must Be Fought

The ugly killing of Trayvon Martin, the campaign of anti-immigrant terror in Arizona, the racist killing spree in Tulsa, Okla., and the recent barrage of public appearances by the Ku Klux Klan have left many progressive people wondering what should be done. It is clear that some kind of action must be taken against this … Continue reading

Louis Theroux & The Nazis

Theroux always tackles touchy subjects, sometimes with interviews that make your skin crawl. His interview with Joe Jackson, and another with the Westboro Baptist Church were gob-smacking television. Upon his return, Theroux will be looking at the White Aryan Resistance movement in America, the KKK and Nazi’s who believe in ethnic cleansing. Bound to be … Continue reading