The Far-Right Have No Concept of ‘Working Class’

Individuals within the far-right in this country have a very odd understanding of what it means to be ‘working class’, and of the concept of ‘class’ in general. Over the last few months in various circumstances, I have heard the following categories of people being labelled by the far-right as not ‘working class’….. Students, office … Continue reading

Beyond the BNP?

At the start of this month, Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate / Searchlight wrote an essay titled Beyond the BNP, The future of HOPE not hate1. In it, he talks about how the group’s “targets and vision have expanded” in the wake of “some fantastic successes” against the far-right. It reads as a stark revision … Continue reading

“We’re coming to see you on the 30th” – Liverpool’s fascists stand against the workers

It’s no revelation to say that fascism is an anti-working class ideology. Even though many groups play on the fears and frustrations of the white working class, they soon come out in opposition to effective action by workers trying to improve their lives. So it will surprise few to learn that the next far-right day … Continue reading

Liverpool EDL’s vendetta against the working class

Although I and others have long noted the English Defence League’s anti-working class agenda, it seems that of late the Liverpool Division have decided to ramp it up a notch. Today, few will have been surprised to hear that several EDL members came out in opposition to the demo against the BNP conference. But it’s not just … Continue reading

A response to the EDL on class

On the English Defence League’s website, “Jim EDL” discusses The EDL and the working class. He argues that “the political left has embarked upon a deliberate campaign to demonise the [EDL] and its working-class supporters.” As with most far-right arguments, it contains truths that need to be addressed as well as ideas that need to … Continue reading

The Infidels throw their lot in against the working class

Elements of the far-right – in particular those who have splintered from the English Defence League – have released a “message to the reds and the militants.” It warns us that they now intend to “put all our efforts into opposing everything you do.” In other words, at a time of sharply accelerating class struggle, … Continue reading

Support our fight against the far-right

The British National Party have promised to mount a “massive” campaign for the coming local elections on 5th May. They will be looking to capitalise upon the anger and alienation caused by the economic crisis and the government’s cuts in order to lead people up the blind alley of nationalism. Liverpool Antifascists, as ever, are … Continue reading

Dissecting the English Defence League’s “mission statement”

On Sunday, the English Defence League published a “mission statement” on its website, purporting to answer the questions: “what is the EDL all about, what does it want to achieve, how will it achieve those things?” However, perhaps the best thing you can say about it is that it is overly grandiose. More critically, it … Continue reading

Mobilise against the EDL in Luton, 5 February

Statement from the Stop Racism and Fascism Network As the racists turn their fire on anti-cuts struggles MOBILISE AGAINST THE EDL IN LUTON, 5 FEBRUARY The EDL is a racist, anti-migrant, anti-Muslim organisation – but not just that. For all its ludicrous claims to represent the “white working class”, it never misses an opportunity to … Continue reading

The EDL threaten Christmas mayhem over recycled tabloid myths

The English Defence League, spiralling further into irrelevance as far as real issues facing the working class are concerned, has decided to save Christmas. It has issued letters to councils across the country saying they will “close down” any town that “bans” the festival to “appease Muslims.” At this point, it is unclear what their … Continue reading