Putting the EDL into perspective

Via some local comrades, Liverpool Antifascists have discovered this video of the EDL’s recent “march” through Liverpool: On the same day, as we’ve already mentioned, 4,000 trade unionists marched to the Lib Dem conference protesting against the cuts. There was music, a broad cross-section of workers’ organisations, lots of flags and banners … and they … Continue reading

More on autonomous nationalism and class politics

Two months ago, I wrote a post titled “Autonomous nationalism and why antifascism needs a working class perspective,” about Autonomous Nationalists UK (AnUk). Now, the Liverpool Front of AnUk has responded with “Autonomous nationalism and why the working class needs an ethnic perspective.” The basic overview is that I take “the usual condescending tone” and … Continue reading

Autonomous nationalism and why antifascism needs a working class perspective

Recently, one of my comrades reposted an article from Wales on Sunday titled “Anti-Islam website written and run by schoolboy, 16.” In fact, the title of the article was misleading. Though it made reference to the religion, the blog itself wasn’t exclusively “anti-Islam,” but was rather the blog of an autonomous nationalist in Wales. It represents … Continue reading

Nick Griffin: out of touch with the working people of the North West

Today, Sir Paul McCartney addressed the European Parliament’s Plenary Chamber on the issue of eating meat. The former Beatle urged people to stop eating meat for just one day in order to cut CO2 emissions. BNP leader and MEP Nick Griffin, however, used the occasion to promote his tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories and insult the people … Continue reading

The BNP: a working class party?

The British National Party has been getting a lot of attention lately, from politicians, the media, and most importantly from sizeable sections of the working-class who feel that the BNP represent their interests. Housing, work, pay and welfare are all issues which the BNP have supposedly taken up whilst claiming to represent the “British working-class”. … Continue reading